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Meet The Dr.
Dr. Raman is board certified in both Family and Bariatric medicine. She entered medical school in 1981. She completed her 4-year general surgery residency program in 1991, and supervised general surgery residents until 1994.
Upon completion of her family practice residency in 1999, Dr. Raman benefited Cigna Healthcare and a privately owned chain of family medicine clinics until 2011. Dr. Raman then began operating what was known as Arizona Vista Family Medicine.
2016 was a banner year for Dr. Raman. She became a board certified Bariatrician and was welcomed into the Obesity Medicine Association. And, as-if she wasn't busy enough, she gave the business a complete makeover.
With close to 36 years of medical experience, you can trust her to care for you and your family. She sees patients from 12 years old and up.
Welcome to AVISTAmed. I'm looking forward to meeting you.
Dr. Raman
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