AVISTA Medical Center is committed to keeping you and our employees safe. On February 3rd, 2020, we began early preparation for the COVID-19 virus. To avoid potential medical supply shortages due to the break in the supply chain, we ordered a years' worth of supplies and placed them into storage. We began training and preparing our staff for the potential of a severe outbreak. Today, we continue to find ways to improve your and our team's safety. We couldn't do any of this without our amazing employees!
When you visit AVISTA, you'll see that we've made a lot of changes:
NO COVID-19 TESTING - If you have symptoms call for assistance in getting tested.

Family Medicine

Traditional Family Medicine

What Is Traditional Family Medicine?

Traditional Family Medicine (TFM) is a medical specialty devoted to a broad range of comprehensive health care for people of all ages and genders. The "family physician" or "family doctor" is often the patient's primary care physician/doctor (PCP). "Family Practice" is the system that facilitates the care that provides continuing and comprehensive medical services for each patient.

While the traditional family practice commonly accepts commercial insurance plans, TRICARE and Medicare, family doctors are recognized as the most broadly trained physician covering more areas of treatment than the specialist. Unlike medical specialists with limited training in specific areas for specific patients, the family doctor is trained to treat the entire body for patients of all ages and genders.

Is The Traditional Family Medicine Approach Right For Me?

Patients with commercial insurance plans, Medicare, Medicare Advantage plans, and TRICARE should automatically choose TFM to optimize the benefits of their plans. For these patients, the questions should be:

Traditional Family Medicine

Modern Family Medicine

Modern Family Medicine

What Is Modern Family Medicine?

Modern Family Medicine (MFM) combines everything that traditional and natural medicines have to offer and much, much more. MFM allows the family doctor to treat their patients without the limitations of insurance and with more tools. Simply put, "Modern Family Medicine" goes above and beyond commercial insurance and Medicare plans.

While modern family medicine exists to provide exceptional healthcare without limitations and utilizes a wider range of treatments, the family doctor can use their training, experience, and judgment to provide the care their patients need and want without any financially biased corporate or political oversight. MFM provides an unlimited range of care options for patient care, including, but not limited to, 1,000's of lab test, wellness and prevention planning, executive physicals, extended visits, lifecare planning, specialist coordination and more.

Is The Modern Family Medicine Approach Right For Me?

For patients that need and want healthcare that goes above and beyond their healthcare plan, or does not have insurance, MFM may be a suitable option.

As healthcare plans vary dramatically between privately owned plans and employer-provided healthcare plans, many patients find little value in their plan and want more for their money, including treatment options, testing, health planning, and more.

  • High deductibles often delay or prevent access to benefits.
  • The true cost of healthcare plans includes; premium + deductible limit.
  • Modern family medicine is an affordable option for healthcare.
  • MFM provides unlimited care and more options than any healthcare plan.

Note: Modern Family Medicine is for patients with our without insurance, and payment is required at the time of service.

Naturopathic Family Medicine

What Is Naturopathic Family Medicine?

Naturopathic Family Medicine(NFM) is a natural approach to total healthcare that treats the whole person. NFM aims to treats disease by supporting the person's inherent healing potential. Treatments work with the natural healing processes provided by nature and modern science. This select form of healthcare focuses on disease prevention while optimizing the patient's overall health through natural therapeutics.

The "Naturopathic Doctor" is often the patient's primary care physician or effectively compliments care with the traditional family doctor.

Is The Naturopathic Approach To Healthcare Right For Me?

NFM offers potential and exciting options for patients eager to experience alternative, natural, and scientifically proven methods for their health care. For years, natural medicine has been growing in popularity and has finally earned its place at AMC.

  • NFM focuses on disease prevention.
  • NFM uses natural and non-invasive treatments.
  • NFM supports prevalent health conditions.
  • NFM allows patients to receive Infusion Therapy.

Note: Naturopathic Family Medicine/INFUSION Therapy is customer pay (no insurance), and payment is required at the time of service.

Naturopathic Family Medicine

Choosing a Medical Program


When looking for a Family or Bariatric Physician, it's wise to find one that will meet your needs and set you up for long-term success.

In general, look for medical programs developed from sound medical protocols and designed to meet your health needs and goals. Preferably, find programs available from state-of-the-art facilities, with experienced doctors, convenient in-house services, and a highly trained staff.

Also, consider where you live and work when choosing medical care services. A distant location may interfere when committing to a medical care program.

The best-case scenario for many patients is finding a proper family medical care facility that's close to your home. A place with the right doctors, highly trained staff, and offers multiple in-house services. AVISTA Medical Center is all of those things and more, and if you're living or working in the Gilbert area, please consider choosing one of AVISTA's medical programs.

Choose a Medical Program

Preventative & Wellness Services

Health & Wellness Photo


Also known as "Health Management" is the process of being aware and choosing a healthy life. Prevention is the act of knowing your health status and where it needs care. Wellness is the status of being free from illness.

While only some plans cover comprehensive Health Management options, many barely scratch the surface of Prevention & Wellness options available. We can help you to determine what your policy includes and provide you with cash options for the rest.

Don't let the lack of insurance coverage determine your health care. AMC has low cash-prices.

Allergy Image

Allergies are hypersensitive responses from the immune system to substances that either enter or come into contact with the body. These substances commonly include materials such as pet dander, pollen, or bee venom. Anything can be an allergen if the immune system has an adverse reaction.

Cancer Image

Cancer refers to any one of a large number of diseases characterized by the development of abnormal cells that divide uncontrollably and have the ability to infiltrate and destroy normal body tissue. Cancer often has the ability to spread throughout your body. Cancer is the second-leading cause of death in the world.

Cardiovascular Image

Cardiovascular disease includes conditions that affect the structures or function of your heart, such as: Coronary artery disease (narrowing of the arteries) Heart attack. Abnormal heart rhythms, or arrhythmias.

Diabetes Image

Diabetes is a disease that occurs when your blood glucose, also called blood sugar, is too high. Insulin, a hormone made by the pancreas, helps glucose from food get into your cells to be used for energy.

Obesity Image

Obesity is a medical condition that occurs when a person carries excess weight or body fat that might affect their health. A doctor will usually suggest that a person has obesity if they have a high body mass index.

AMC Services


Walk-ins and same-day appointments.

We understand sometimes you can't wait weeks or even days for medical treatment. You need medical treatment now, and you don't want to go to Urgent Care.

Urgent Care appointments are limited to the treatment for abscess, bronchitis, bursitis, colds, coughs, diverticulitis, ear infections, flu, infections, migraines, pneumonia, sinusitis, skin rash, sore throats, strep throat, STD's, urinary, viruses and a few more. Same-day and walk-in appointments are part of AMC's Urgent Care program. Please call 480-892-1212 to let us know you are on your way.

Chronic & Disease Care

Diagnostic testing and treatment for ADD, allergy, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, COPD, depression, diabetes, gall bladder disease, headaches and migraines, heartburn, heart disease, high cholesterol, hypertension, IBS, intestinal infections, kidney stones, hormone replacement, smoking cessation, testosterone therapy, thyroid disorders, and more.


Testing and treatment for birth control, hormone replacement therapy, IUD removal, menopause, menstrual issues, pap smears, PCOS, and more.


Bumps, bruises, lacerations, sprains, and more.


Testing and treatment for allergies, asthma, and eczema.


Treatment for bursitis, knee, osteoarthritis, tennis elbow, tendinitis, shoulder, and more.


Testing and treatment for erectile disfunction, prostate health, testosterone therapy, and more.


Treatment for subungual hematomas drainage, thrombosed hemorrhoids, ear lavage and more.


Annual, employment, executive, school and sports exams, wellness screenings, and much, much more.

For Emergencies Call 911
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No insurance? No problem at AMC.
Check out our low-low cash prices for any of our services!

Acute back pain, administrative (school, work, licensing), annual, complete, executive, Medicare wellness, new patient wellness, woman wellness.


B12, knee, Promethazine, Rocephin, Trigger-point, Toradol, shoulder, Steroid, patient owned (provider approval required), vaccinations, and more.


Basil cell, precancerous lesion, skin biopsy, small skin cancers.


Bumps & lumps, foreign objects, I&D abscess, lipomas, moles, skin tags, sutures, toenail, warts, and more.

SUTURES (stitches)

Diagnostic testing is more affordable, convenient, and reliable than ever before. AMC has expanded its in-house diagnostic testing program to offer patients more testing than ever before.

Ask us about AMC's diagnostic testing for allergies, asthma, cancer, cardiovascular disease, infections, pharmacogenomics, pregnancy, spirometry, strep, TB, wellness, and more.


A painless test that records the hearts electrical activity. The test takes about 5 minutes while the patient is lying down. Electrodes are attached to the patient's chest, arms, and legs.


Nebulizer (asthma and COPD flares).


Allergy, cancer, pharmaceutical.


Treatment for acne, bumps & lumps, dryness, eczema, lacerations, abscess, lipomas, moles, precancerous lesions, skin biopsy's, skin tags, skin cancers, warts, and more.


Is a medical lung function testing equip, used to help diagnose asthma.


Pre and post-op evaluation, suture, suture removal, ultrasound, SmartLipo, and more.


Flu, hep-b, pneumonia, tetanus vaccine, and more.


Mod Squad Photo


Every day at AVISTA, patients from frequent visitors to those walking thru AVISTA's doors for the very first time, receive professional medical care services and enjoy the benefits of the AVISTAmed-way. Much of the magic and energy experienced come from the members of a highly skilled Medical-assistant Team known as the MOD Squad - AKA "Medical-assistant Of the Day." Simply, the most professional MA team in the business.

MOD's are both the patient and providers best friend. Your MOD can do it all. Your MOD knows who you are, the reason for your visit, and much, much more. Their responsibilities are carefully choreographed to improve patient care, consistency, completeness, and efficiency. They are responsible for guiding the patient's overall care and office experience.

They do it all
  • Check-in/Check-out
  • Handle all patient-provider needs
  • Phlebotomy (blood draws)
  • Lab testing/ordering
  • Cancer screening
  • Pharmaceutical screening
  • Allergy testing
  • Spirometry
  • Injections
  • Billing, referrals, rescheduling
  • Insurance requirements
  • More