Financial Policy

Financial Policy

AVISTA MEDICAL CENTER (AMC) recommends patients become familiar with their insurance plan by contacting their insurance company. The payor will gladly help policyholders learn the details about their coverage and responsibility for payment.

AMC accepts commercial insurance, Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Visa, MasterCard, and Cash payments. AMC is contracted with all major insurance companies and accepts most payor plans. Unfortunately, some AMC services are not covered by all insurance companies or plans.

Before medical services are rendered to policyholders, AMC will verify the policyholder's benefits with their insurance company. Policyholders should understand that a promise of benefits from their insurance company is not a guarantee of benefits or payment. All claims are billed and process according to the insurance plan. If the policyholders claim processes differently from the benefits promised, the payor (insurance company) will likely side with the plan and not honor the benefit otherwise promised. Payment must be made at the time of service - unless other financial arrangements occur in advance. Please, understand AMC has no control over the insurance company's plans, promises, processes, or payment decisions.

Be prepared to provide your insurance card and I.D. at the beginning of each visit.

If the insurance plan covers services, the insurance company will be billed on the policyholders' behalf. Accepting insurance and facilitating patient billing does not place financial responsibilities onto AMC. All Financial obligations belong to the patient and their insurance company. Patients are ultimately responsible for any unpaid balances by their plan. The policyholder's credit card will remain on file to provide convenient debiting and crediting of the patient's account. In cases where coverage is not provided, cash options may be available.

AMC requires all patients to pay their copay, coinsurance, and deductibles (CCD) before each appointment. At the conclusion of your appointment, you may be billed for any outstanding balances. If there is a credit due to you, you will be promptly provided with a refund. Please, understand AMC has no control over the terms and conditions of your insurance policy, including; CCDs. Your plan determines your CCD's at the time of purchase.

Note: AVISTAmed is restricted by consumer credit laws and carrier contracts from providing payment plans to policyholders. Cash pay customers may qualify for payment plans.

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