AVISTA Medical Center is committed to keeping you and our employees safe. On February 3rd, 2020, we began early preparation for the COVID-19 virus. To avoid potential medical supply shortages due to the break in the supply chain, we ordered a years' worth of supplies and placed them into storage. We began training and preparing our staff for the potential of a severe outbreak. Today, we continue to find ways to improve your and our team's safety. We couldn't do any of this without our amazing employees!
When you visit AVISTA, you'll see that we've made a lot of changes:
NO COVID-19 TESTING - If you have symptoms call for assistance in getting tested.

Forms & Records Policy

General Forms

General forms do not always require an appointment. A fee of $25 per page must be paid before general forms will be completed by the doctor. Please allow 2-3 days for completion.

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

FMLA paperwork requires an appointment. A fee of $75.00 must be paid before the FMLA paperwork will be completed by the doctor. Please, allow 2-3 days for completion.

Patient Medical Records

AMC meets or exceeds the standard legal requirements for medical record storage. Patients can access their medical records through the patient portal or by calling 480-892-1212 for assistance. Medical records will not be emailed or mailed. Copies for patients are $75.00 each or free if requested by another provider.

New patients should be prepared to provide medical records from the previous PCP. NOTE: If AVISTA requests medical records from the former PCP, patients are required to sign a release form. If you have not already, consider ordering a copy of your medical records directly from your PCP.

FMLA Photo