AVISTA Medical Center is committed to keeping you and our employees safe. On February 3rd, 2020, we began early preparation for the COVID-19 virus. To avoid potential medical supply shortages due to the break in the supply chain, we ordered a years' worth of supplies and placed them into storage. We began training and preparing our staff for the potential of a severe outbreak. Today, we continue to find ways to improve your and our team's safety. We couldn't do any of this without our amazing employees!
When you visit AVISTA, you'll see that we've made a lot of changes:
NO COVID-19 TESTING - If you have symptoms call for assistance in getting tested.

Precision TX® Program

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Precision TX helps define those finer areas around the neck where fat is stubbornly stored. It's the details we're after here. Just the details.*

Done under local anesthesia, you're awake during the Precision TX treatment. Precision TX procedures usually take about 1-3 hours. Sleep in your own bed that night.

Precision TX gently evacuates fat to unveil a newer you.*

*Individual results will vary
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