Prescription Policy


New medication requires an appointment for medical evaluation. Your Rx may allow for up to a 30-day supply. The new medication may be switched, or supply increased, at your provider's discretion. Follow-ups may also be required to evaluate dosage.

New prescriptions are sent to your pharmacy on file on the same day. Your insurance company may require a preauthorization and approval may take up to two weeks. Alternative insurance formulary may be considered.

Refill prescriptions may take up to two business days to complete. It's important to know when its time to schedule your next appointment to avoid running out. Most phones allow having the ability to provide reminders.

When in doubt, call 480-892-1212 for help. Unless urgent, no refills will be processed outside of normal business hours (including holidays).

  • Narcotics, Antibiotics, and Sedatives cannot be re-filled over the phone.
  • Narcotics (controlled or scheduled) lost or stolen will not be re-filled – no exceptions
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