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As Arizona's leader in modern family medical care services, we promise never to cut corners and always provide the best patient experience possible. When it comes to patient care and the patient experience, AMC and its staff of caring professionals are second to none.

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EXPERT training and supervision ensure every AMC patient receives exceptional medical care in a truly extraordinary way.

Avista Medical Center


The new AMC facility brings new meaning to the AVISTA-med way by providing more medical services. These new services help eliminate the need for many inconvenient referrals to specialist and trips to third-party labs. Rest assured every product and service offered by AVISTA has gone through proper due diligence, training, and implementation before entering service.

  • Advanced technology and medical equipment
  • Surgical-level procedure rooms
  • Private lab rooms
  • State certified scales
  • Pharmacy & Pharmacy Services
Avista Medical Center

The AVISTAmed-way

The AVISTAmed-way


AVISTAmed-way is the philosophy behind evolution in medical care. It means to "put the patient first." Every day, patient after patient, we carry out our mission the AVISTAmed-way.

OUR MISSION is to provide high-quality medical care services, to improve the patient's overall health, and deliver the best patient experience possible.

WE HAVE a saying - "Be prepared, be professional and always put the patient first."

Our Medical Director

Dr. Punya Raman
Medical Doctor and Bariatric Physician

Dr. Raman is a Board-certified family medical doctor with over 25 years of clinical experience. For ten of those years, she has served as AVISTA's medical director. Her medical background is nothing less than broad and diverse. Her drive and on-going education keep her sharp, and ahead of the curve. And thanks to her medical protocols, policies, and procedures, AVISTA is the leader in modern medical care.

Three years ago, she committed to AVISTA's new weight loss program, and pursued her second board-certification, in Obesity Medicine, and became an essential part of the Obesity Medicine Association.

Four years ago, she earned prestigious honorary membership in the AMERICAN COSMETIC SURGERY ASSOCIATION by demonstrating her surgical skills while performing SmartLipo procedures.

Dr. Raman's lifelong devotion to exceptional healthcare brings the right experience to AVISTA. Compassion for her patients drives her to provide the best medical care possible and experience in delivering high-quality medical care services.

About Family Medicine

Family Medicine is the medical practice specialty devoted to comprehensive health care for people of all ages, including families; the specialist is called Family-Physician or Family-Doctor. The Family Doctor is the most broadly trained doctor. For more information, call today or Click Here.

About Obesity (Bariatric) Medicine

Bariatric Medicine is the medical practice specialty devoted to treating overweight and obese patients through proven weight loss strategies and preventative lifestyle changes; the specialist is called a 'Bariatrician'. Dr. Raman is one of just a few Bariatricians in Arizona. For more information, Click Here.

About Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Raman is a proud honorary member of the AMERICAN COSMETIC SURGERY ASSOCIATION and to provide the latest in Laser-liposuction technology for her patients. This new technology (SmartLipo) allows patients to receive outpatient surgery without the risk of traditional liposuction. For more information, Click Here

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Dr. Lashutka

Dr. Kenneth Lashutka, NMD, is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor with over ten years of clinical experience here in Arizona. He graduated with a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona. He focuses on addressing all sorts of acute (i.e., colds, cases of flu, allergies, etc.) and chronic diseases (metabolic, auto-immune, neurological, etc.) using complementary and alternative therapies, primarily through the promotion of IV therapy. Dr. Lashutka believes it is essential that his patients be informed so that they play a crucial role in their wellness and recovery, both for in-office procedures and treatment protocols accomplished at home.

He has called Arizona home since 2003, where he lives with his wife, six children, bunnies and chickens. The family enjoys home-schooling, healthy living, and multiple outdoor activities.

Patients interested in, or curious about, Naturopathic Family Medicine or INFUSION may receive a Free 15-minute Introductory Visit with Dr. Lashutka.

Principles Of Naturopathic Family Medicine:
  • Do No Harm
  • Support the healing power of nature
  • Promote the body's innate ability to heal
  • Educate and counsel patients about lifestyle, nutrition, stress, emotions, etc..
  • Identify and treat the root causes of disease and illness
  • Treat the whole person using an individualized treatment
  • Use low risk, natural methods with minimal or no side effects
  • Believe in "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."


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Every day at AVISTA, patients from frequent visitors to those walking thru AVISTA's doors for the very first time, receive professional medical care services and enjoy the benefits of the AVISTAmed-way. Much of the magic and energy experienced come from the members of a highly skilled Medical-assistant Team known as the MOD Squad - AKA "Medical-assistant Of the Day." Simply, the most professional MA team in the business.

MOD's are both the patient and providers best friend. Your MOD can do it all. Your MOD knows who you are, the reason for your visit, and much, much more. Their responsibilities are carefully choreographed to improve patient care, consistency, completeness, and efficiency. They are responsible for guiding the patient's overall care and office experience.

They do it all
  • Check-in/Check-out
  • Handle all patient-provider needs
  • Phlebotomy (blood draws)
  • Lab testing/ordering
  • Cancer screening
  • Pharmaceutical screening
  • Allergy testing
  • Spirometry
  • Injections
  • Billing, referrals, rescheduling
  • Insurance requirements
  • More
EXPERIENCE MOD magic today! Schedule your "New - Patient" appointment now!

Accepted Insurance

Medical Insurance Logos

Accepted Insurance Plans

Most insurance companies, PPO plans, and HMO* plans are accepted. Insurance plans are subject to change. Call for verification.


*Please contact us for a Tax ID number, then contact your insurance provider to confirm AMC has a contract with your plan. You must also select Dr. Raman as your Primary Care Physician (PCP).

Call us at 480-892-1212 for assistance.


Making an Appointment

Making an appointment with AMC has never been easier. Click the Modern Medical Portal button at the top of any AVISTAmed web page for medical care appointments, or click Weight Loss/Spa Scheduler to schedule your medical weight loss appointment. Our patient portals allow patients to schedule, reschedule, or cancel their appointments with-in the right department.

Current patients should already be registered and can simply login into AMC's Patient Portal to schedule their next appointment, communicate with their provider, see their lab results, order refills, and much, much more.

Arrive on time

Existing Patients with copays and deductibles should arrive 5 minutes early. Patients with changes to address, insurance, or with records should arrive 10 minutes early.

New Patients

New patients should arrive 10 minutes early. New patients with a copay, deductible, and copies of their medical records should arrive 15 minutes early.

Rescheduling your appointment

If it's necessary to reschedule your appointment, please log in to the patient portal, or call AVISTA at 480-892-1212 at least 24 hours in advance.

Appointments canceled with less than 24-hours notice is considered a no-show, and subject to a no-show fee of $75.00.

Late Arrivals

AMC takes pride in staying on schedule by eliminating wait times wherever possible, allowing patients to visit more often with more convenience. Please understand that if you are late for your appointment, you may have to wait or reschedule to another day.

No Shows

Patients with three (3) "No-Shows" within 12 months or less, are subject to be discharged from the practice.


Patients that walk in without an appointment are registered to the next available time slot or is "squeezed in" sooner whenever possible.

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Patients can always call 480-892-1212 for help with appointments and patient portals.

New Patients

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New Medical Center Patients

Your first visit with a new Physician is as essential to you as it is to us. We want to see you and help you with all of your medical problems. Upon arrival, your MOD will assist you with any forms required in the privacy of an exam room.

Please, be prepared to provide the following at the time of service:

  • A current Government Issued Identity Card
  • A current insurance issued Healthcare Card, and the ability to pay any CCD's at the time of service with cash or credit-card.
  • If self-paying for medical service, please have the ability to pay at the time of service with cash or credit card.
  • A complete list of medications presently taking.
  • A parent or guardian if under the age of 18.
  • New Patient Forms and Online Scheduling Click Here.

Shortly after your first appointment, you will receive an email with a link to join AVISTA's Patient Portal and instructions on how to register. The patient portal is designed to be useful for both patients and their providers, and it's also very user-friendly.

We recommend after receiving your invitation, you register and login immediately and explore its many great features. The portal allows you to schedule appointments, communicate with your provider, find lab results, order refills, and much much more.


Your first visit to AVISTA Weight Loss Center is a crucial step to better overall health. Upon arrival, your MOD will assist you with any forms required in the privacy of an exam room. When you come for your free consultation, you don't need to bring anything. However, if you decided to start treatment following your meeting with the provider, please allow for the extra time, usually 45 minutes to an hour.

Also, be prepared to provide the following at the time of service:

  • Any coupons.
  • Payment (cash or credit card)
  • A complete list of all medications you are presently taking
  • A parent or guardian if under the age of 18.

Shortly after joining one of our weight loss or tech-spa programs, you will receive an email with a link to join AVISTA's Body Shop Portal and instructions on how to register. The portal is designed to be exciting and useful for keeping patients engaged with their progress, and it's also very user-friendly. We recommend after receiving your invitation, you register and login immediately and explore its many great features.

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Medical Records

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Your Medical Records

AMC meets or exceeds the standard requirements for medical record storage. Patients can access their medical records through the patient portal or by calling 480-892-1212 for assistance. Medical records will not be emailed or mailed. Copies are $75.00 each.

New patients should be prepared to provide medical records from the previous PCP. NOTE: If AVISTA requests medical records from the former PCP, patients are required to sign a release form. If you haven't already, consider ordering a copy of your medical records directly from your PCP.

Veterans & First Responders

AMC proudly supports all the Men & Women who bravely defend America's freedom by serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, and those that protect us closer to home as members of DPS, CBP, MCSO, and Gilbert Police and Fire departments.
Thank You Veterans