HCG Diet

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Our MEDhcgdiet is a straightforward, medically, supervised weight loss treatment program. This proven diet uses regular, small concentrations of high-quality HCG, to help flip the body’s “hypothalamus” switch to “on”, thus moving fat from storage and staging it to be used as energy. Energy from burning unwanted fat combined with energy from the low-calorie diet equals several thousand calories to burn every day.

The amount of “weight-lost” depends on the patient’s degree of compliance, level of obesity, medical conditions, metabolism, and the goals set by the patient and Dr. Raman. During the initial weeks, it’s normal to lose anywhere from half a pound to two pounds per day. The closer the patient gets to their ideal body weight, the slower the weight loss (the body is leaner and requires fewer calories). On its own, a very low-calorie diet will produce weight loss. However, unfortunately, there will also be a loss of muscle and lean body mass. Dr. Raman’s HCG Program is customized for each patient to retain healthy lean body mass and muscle.

Dr. Raman’s HCG-Protocol is proven to safely use a very low-calorie diet combined with the highest quality, naturally occurring hormone (HCG) and is medically supervised for greater success.

  • Retains muscle and lean mass tissue
  • Improves metabolism
  • No dependency

Program Details

  • Physician Supervision
  • 28 day custom meal plan with food list
  • 28 day supply of HCG injections
  • 4 Lipo Plus injections
  • Daily Diet & Exercise Email
  • In-house Pharmacy
  • Dr. Raman’s Food Diary
  • Weekly Visits (not required)

*Individual results may vary
**Annual Kit includes; 5-panel blood test, 12-Lead EKG, vital signs, blood pressure test, total body composition test, blood fat mass index, blood fat analysis, urine analysis, mini physical exam, digital measurements.
***Upon Provider Approval