What do most weight loss programs have in common? Like the pounds and inches, they come and go.
Weight loss can be quick for the right occasion or permanent with long-term goals to reset your natural body weight and size. We are in it together. Start winning today!
Dr. Raman is a Board-Certified Bariatric Physician providing over 30 customized bariatric managed and custom self-monitoring weight loss programs. The bariatric physician has the highest level of medical education and training for treating obesity, before, after or for the prevention of bariatric surgery.
Dr. Raman
Medical Weight Loss
Stop wasting time and money on diets that don't work. For most people, fads and starvation are not the answer to permanent weight loss. Instead, try a medical weight loss program designed and supervised by a Board-Certified Bariatric Physician.
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AVISTA Weight Loss Center

At AVISTA Weight Loss Center we know everyone is special and that there are many diets to choose from. We offer customized plans for Women and Men as well as Dr. Punya Raman's HCG Diet, Modified Liquid Diet, and her Nutritional Ketogenic Diet that will help you start your new, thinner life. Your healthy weight loss is supervised within a safe, effective, bariatrician directed plan. You will be guided by our clinicians, our medical staff and registered dietitians. No surprises here. Just affordable, safe weight loss in a weight loss program customized just for you. Our programs are based on proven nutritional science and are medically designed by registered dietitians. You will learn to shop, cook, and transform your body through eating fresh, delicious, whole foods.

No matter what program you choose, you can receive an email each day of your diet. All emails are specific to your particular nutrition plan for the day and contain cartoons and inspirational quotes for fun and motivation. We will even send you daily exercise suggestions that can help you get moving in the right direction.

AVISTA Weight Loss Center
Your Personal Plan

Your healthy weight loss plan is supervised within a safe, effective, bariatrician directed program. You will be guided by our clinicians, our medical staff and our registered dietitians. No surprises here. Just affordable, safe weight loss in a custom weight loss program. Here is how the program works:

Our focus is on only you losing and then maintaining your weight loss. Our Customized Programs Fit Your Life. Our staff cares about your success.
Here's what to expect from AWLC
Customized to you

At AVISTA Weight Loss Center, you will receive a customized weight loss program that includes personal medical counseling from a board-certified bariatric physician and dietary programs from licensed, registered dietitians.

We will monitor your progress and make the necessary adjustments that will allow you to achieve your short- and long-term goals best.

Although our primary goal is to help you reach your target weight quickly and easily, our ultimate goal is to help you to maintain your weight loss permanently. You can count on us to be here for you after you complete your medical weight loss program.

Our new weight loss clinic offers the latest FDA-approved weight loss prescription medications, along with B12 and Lipo-B injections. Our medical-grade nutritional products are available only from medical doctors. You are serious about losing weight, and weight loss is our specialty. Patients find our weight loss doctors to be experts on weight-related illnesses, obesity, nutrition, fitness, prescription medications, and behavioral motivation and modification.

Weight loss is hard. AVISTA Weight Loss Center is easy. Call us today and let's talk about your lighter, brighter future.

Is avista right for me?

All AVISTA weight loss plans are physician-supervised within a safe and effective program. Our clinicians, medical staff, and registered dietitians will guide you all the way. Here's the difference:


AVISTA's CLIA approved lab, private lab rooms, and highly trained staff help make testing convenient, comfortable, and reliable.

We perform an annual 5-panel blood test, 12-Lead EKG test, blood pressure test, total body composition test, blood fat analysis, urine analysis, mini-physical exam, and take digital measurements.

During the free consultation, we will decide if appetite suppression-medication or other supplements are right and select a medical weight loss plan.

Our in-house pharmacy makes prescription dispensing easy and convenient.

Weekly visits are encouraged. Come in and talk about struggles or successes, and if we need to, we can adjust the program.

AVISTA stocks high-quality injections, food, and supplements.

Dr. Raman is a board-certified Bariatrician (obesity medicine). Bariatrician is the highest level of medical weight loss education and training.

Plans for women

If you are looking for a weight loss program for women that works, you've found it.

Most of our patients are women, and we know women want to lose weight for very different reasons that are all very important. Some of the reasons we have seen from our women patients are medical concerns, not wanting to buy a new, larger wardrobe, wanting to get into "skinny" jeans, planning for weddings (planning for divorces), family reunions, summertime vacations or anytime vacations, pains in the knees, pains in the feet and pains in the neck, their other doctors told them it was time to get serious and just plain sick and tired of being sick and tired. But whatever the reason our women patients come in our doors, they have made a decision and are ready to lose that weight once and for all in a safe and reputable environment.

AVISTA Weight Loss Center provides the education and support you need to reach and maintain your goals. We have the resources to help you achieve your ideal weight and body fat percentage. We have specific weight loss diets for you as a woman. After evaluating your needs, we will start the move towards a healthier you! In addition, we know you have a busy schedule and are more than happy to accommodate you.

Our balanced program for women begins with initial testing (blood work, EKG, urine analysis) and a visit with one of our providers. The provider will give you a personalized reduced-calorie diet and appetite suppressants (if appropriate) from our in-house pharmacy. You will then receive an email each day with a suggested menu, shopping list, and recommended exercise regimen. When you get close to your goal weight, we will modify your custom meal plan into a meal plan for life to keep you at your goal weight.

Post Partum Plans

At AVISTA Weight Loss Center, we understand that time is limited for new mothers. Our goal is to help you drop that baby weight through our weight loss programs for women. We provide unique exercise programs and meal plans that help you reach your goals. New mothers can begin a customized weight loss program as soon as six weeks after giving birth.

Plans for men

If you are looking for a weight management program for men, you've found it.

We have wonderful, highly successful programs tailored just for men. Dr. Raman understands that most men desire to lose weight in their midsection. Recent studies have shown that abdominal fat is linked to a higher death rate, especially in men. Therefore, our weight loss programs for men helps you tone your abdominal area and lose both subcutaneous and intra-abdominal fat. We know that men who are overweight sometimes have low testosterone level – that's why we perform a total testosterone test on every single man in our practice.

We are aware of the unique obstacles and difficulties men face when it comes to losing weight, and our plan faces these challenges with a wide variety of foods, custom meal plans, and exercises.

When you meet with our provider, they will carve out a meal plan that will help you lose your weight at a safe and efficient pace. When you get close to your goal weight, we will modify your custom meal plan into a meal plan for life to keep you at your goal weight. Daily meal plan emails and daily exercise plan emails will give you the gentle reminders and direction you need to achieve your goal.

Medical Weight Loss
Board Certified Bariatrician
Board Certified Medical Doctors
In-house Clinical Laboratory Scientist
In-house Phlebotomist
Custom Individual Plans
Full Blood Analysis & EKG
Body Fat Analysis
FDA Approved Medications
Lipotropic Injections
B12 and B Complex Injections
Food Supplements
In-house Pharmacy
Personalized Meal Plans
Daily Diet Emails
Daily Exercise Emails
Online Community
No Contracts
Medical Weight Loss Services
32 bariatrician developed medical weight loss programs
unsupported by insurance
All Programs Include:
Our Most Popular Medical Weight Loss Programs
potential tax benefits
unsupported by most insurance





Food & Supplements

MEDICS Nutritional Food & Supplements

The IRS has ruled that:
"Uncompensated amounts (cost not covered by insurance) under physician supervised plans may be tax deductible"
Please consult a tax professional regarding your personal tax situation.
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